Contact: julienranzijn [at] gmail [dot] com Julien RanzijnJulien Ranzijn
Interaction designer, Interface designer, Programmer and some kind of guitar player.

Traction Wars
Current mini-map & compass design Traction Wars minimap
Three years of mini-map iterations Traction Wars minimap iterations

Traction Wars

Traction Wars is a PlayforFree WWII Tactical Teamplay Multiplayer Game.

The game brings a vivid and realistic representation of the Second World War to your screens using the stunning CRYENGINE.

I'm responsible for all interactions, video's and 2D graphics. Like Head-up Display's, menu's and trailers.

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Drawing Defense
In-game gameplay screenshot Drawing Defense
We won an Intel Ultrabook with AppInnovation Contest yey :D Drawing Defense

Drawing Defense

Drawing Defense is a small tower defense Android, iOS and Windows Mobile Phone.

The goal is to survive as long as possible by using three basic tools; Draw, Slice and Move.

Drawing Defense will be available at the end of june on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Developed together with Max Plooi.