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Interaction designer, Interface designer, Programmer and some kind of guitar player.

Wybe "a scared little robot" Wybe the scared robot
Even Wybe started as a sketch Wybe the scared robot
Building a cardboard prototype of Wybes insides Wybe the scared robot
Using a plasic sphere we could give Wybe its half round shape Wybe the scared robot
Wybes insides of wires, LEDs and Arduino Wybe the scared robot
Wybe in action Wybe the scared robot


Wybe is a robot thats afraid in the dark and shall always drive to the light. From its colour you can see how he feels.

Build using an Arduino Nano ATmega328, wood, two servors, coloured LEDs, three LDRs, a bitshifter and a plastic sphere.

Start with a lot of small parts Prusa Air
Prusa Air frame Prusa Air
Wade's extruder Prusa Air
Prusa Air work in progress Prusa Air

Prusa Air
In-progress 3D printer

Currently working on a XXL version of the Prusa Air 3D printer.